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Michael Pooler Associates has over forty years’ experience in civil and structural engineering, working in partnership with individuals, local authorities, small businesses and multi-national companies.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in many aspects of construction, including:-

Structural Engineering Reports

In today’s changing market the increasing standards of acceptance by banks and building societies are producing additional burdens on individuals looking to buy or sell property. The selling process can be slowed down even where minor irregularities are evident. A structural engineering report from Michael Pooler Associates should ease this problem.

A common misconception is that any visual defect is a sure sign of subsidence. A visit by one of our experienced structural engineers will identify the reality of any anomaly and recommend a realistic and commercial view on stability without the need to expose the fabric of the property.

Our structural engineering reports are designed with the client in mind and relate entirely to the property, rather than to market conditions.

Download our Structural Engineering Reports brochure for more information.

Structural Design

Michael Pooler Associates is able to undertake structural design in a variety of materials for building elements including foundations, piles, slabs, beams, columns, roofs, walls etc. as part of either modifications to existing structures or the construction of new developments. In addition to this we are able to offer services which include feasibility studies, planning, design, and site inspections.

Structural Monitoring

One of the most frequent complaints regarding engineering works is vibration, in particular the perception of damage caused by vibration. The main sources of vibration are piling, demolition, excavation and compaction.

People tend to be very sensitive to vibration perceived in buildings and are invariably concerned about the possible structural damage to their property. Whilst in the vast majority of cases the magnitude of vibration is below the level of reasonable risk of damage, MPA can deliver objective assessments and assurances to alleviate any concerns.

Michael Pooler Associates offer remote structural monitoring services to suit your exact requirements which can help to alleviate the risks of potential complaints or claims.

Download our Structural Monitoring brochure for more information.

Factory Engineering

Based in the heart of Lancashire mill towns, Michael Pooler Associates specialist range covers older factories right through to state of the art industrial premises.  We are able to provide solutions to the client’s needs, keeping disruption in the workplace to a minimum, ensuring production can continue. Specialist factory services include:-

Internal alterations
Emergency repairs
Health & Safety upgrades
CDM regulations advice
Raising roof heights
Planning, design and implementing layout changes, including column and wall removal
Replacement and upgrading of floor slabs
Machine based installations
Steel gantries, overhead cranes and other lifting devices
Galvanising, retention and sedimentary tanks
Chimney stacks and bases
Retaining walls